This website is intended to identify and develop the ideas needed to rescue humanity and our fellow creatures from what is now the brink of total disaster — for if only we did conceptually simple things well then we and our fellow creatures could still be looking forward to a long and glorious future: the next million years for starters.

Everything we do and take for granted must be re-considered and where necessary re-constructed: it all amounts to nothing less than a Renaissance. But the focus should be on food and farming — the things we absolutely have to get right and in some respects are getting most wrong. 

And the whole endeavour must be led by us – people at large — because our present leaders are not going to do what’s needed. They have not grasped the problems and have their own agendas.

I want this website to be a Forum, a place where people who take a serious interest can exchange and develop ideas. So please add your thoughts by using the comment form at the end of each page or blog post.

This website is intended to complement those of the organizations of which I am co-founder: the Oxford Real Farming Conference and the College for Real Farming and Food Culture, and all their various projects, all under the umbrella of the Real Farming Trust.  The main ideas are outlined in my latest book, THE GREAT RE-THINK, published in 2021, which was and is intended to provide “an agenda for discussion”.

THE GREAT RE-THINK is available from some bookshops and from various sites online, including Blackwell’s and Amazon. 

ISBN 978-88-95604-34-3
Pari Publishing

Colin Tudge, one of our great rural thinkers, argues with eloquence, love and an extraordinary depth of knowledge for a better path, and, with inspirational hope, asserts that such a renaissance is do-able. Let’s get on and do it.

Guy Singh-Watson, founder-creator of Riverford Organic Farmers

The Great Re-think is a beautiful blueprint for a new renaissance… a book of profound wisdom as well as a practical roadmap.

Satish Kumar, founder of Schumacher College, Devon