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Suzanne Wynn

Relaxed Summer Entertaining: Anyone for a Picky Tea?

A Picky Tea is, apparently, the latest fashion for relaxed summer entertaining. How you feel about this might show your age!


Continuing the subject of Not Much Meat, Suzanne considers little things that punch way above their weight in terms of flavour.

Follow-on Dishes

Follow-on dishes are rooted in the frugal habits of peasant cookery and frequently use less meat than the original dish. They should be part of the natural rhythm of cooking.

The Unintended Consequences of Eating Less Meat.

Against a barrage of calls to cut our meat consumption I believe there have been some unintended consequences that work against most people’s desire to eat more responsibly.

Real Bread Is On The Rise

Declines and resurgences in foods tend to reoccur in cycles as can be observed with bread, which Suzanne think is currently on the up.

How People “Cook” Today

Cooking Skills in the UK have taken a sharp downturn. Suzanne presents her evidence and for the sake of our farmers hopes we can turn things around.

Smoked Salmon – off the Christmas Table

With smoked salmon off the table, what will take its place over Christmas?

Getting the British Pulse Racing Again

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It is exciting to see the revival of ancient pulses, which we were in danger of losing altogether. One strong factor that works in favour of a resurgence in popularity is the general trend towards eating less meat. There are certainly many recipes to choose from.

Apples Worth Shouting About

Apples are our national fruit, yet I wonder how many people feel excited by them? Community Orchards and events such as Apple Day get people reconnected with this fruit.

The Science of Ice Cream

Is cookery an Art or a Science? Ice cream making is very much at the Science end of the spectrum as a new generation of gelato makers attest.