Here I want to ask three basic questions: 

  1. What kind of future is possible? 
  2. Which of the possibilities would we prefer? 
  3. How can we ensure that we get the kind of future we want? 

The answer to (1) is surely — anything from near-total devastation to a world of convivial societies in harmony with wild nature, which, I have suggested, should be our Goal. Although we seem to be rushing headlong towards devastation, conviviality and global harmony are still just possible. The chances seem slim but the prize is so great and the price of failure is so dreadful that we surely have to take whatever chance there is. There are small reasons for hope after all, and any positive step is better than none at all. 

The answer to (2) is of course that I don’t know but the signs are that most people far prefer conviviality and harmony and the freedom as far as possible to lead their own lives. Those who seek simply to acquire wealth and dominance and/or actively prefer discord and conflict can properly be seen as psychopaths. It is the case, though, alas, that a higher than normal proportion of people in positions of influence are psychopaths by this definition. Why this should be so is discussed above, though I don’t claim to have the complete answer. 

As for (3): well, nothing short of a complete re-think and wholesale re-structuring will do: Renaissance, indeed. 

The point of this website is to abet that re-think; and at least to contribute to the re-structuring by helping to build the necessary critical mass. 

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