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Colin Tudge

The absolute importance of “Cryptonutrients” and why “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”

The following – based on a on a lecture I gave in 1999 at the Royal Society no less – is an example of a “paradigm shift”: one that is now taking the science of nutrition into the realms of microbiology and evolutionary biology.

Who are the real friends of science?

Science is indeed wondrous but it has limitations – which, as Sir Paul Nurse demonstrated in a popular and doubtless influential article published in 2021, are not always recognized by some of its most adept practitioners.

What will be the message of British Science Week?

British Science Week is celebrating science – which indeed we ought to do. But, says Colin Tudge, we must discuss the caveats too.

Does nature have rights?

We certainly should behave as if does, says Colin Tudge There are loads of laws around the world including Britain to protect various components of the natural world and this of course is good – but the existing laws are almost entirely for our own, human benefit. The law in general regards our fellow creatures … Read more

A step not far enough

Colin Tudge on a new report from Green Alliance on the future of UK farming The latest report from Green Alliance — Shaping UK Land Use — has much to commend it. It seeks a new balance between our need to produce more food, to take better care of the natural world, and to mitigate … Read more

Idiots and Gangsters

And why in particular is the world’s agriculture so off-beam?

Of billionaires and bombs

Extreme wealth is potentially as dangerous as any weapons of war, says Colin Tudge. So why are we so relaxed about it?

Bring back metaphysics, or: The art of the unknowable

The “ultimate questions”  Metaphysics asks what many have called “the ultimate questions” – which sounds pretty impressive, and is. But although these metaphysical questions are clearly so important and ever-present, and indeed are at the root and at the heart of all bona fide religions, metaphysics as an independent discipline has largely gone missing. And … Read more

Green Economic Democracy: in place of “isms”

A (fairly long) shopping list of what seem to be promising ideas.

It’s a huge mistake to treat economists as gurus

Economists are wont to cluster in think tanks and pop up on television to explain not only what is wrong with the economy but what is wrong with the world in general. In other words, because they are good at what they do and are wont to dazzle us with jargon and acronyms and mathematical … Read more