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Colin Tudge

Fellow creatures

An on-line book about the natural world and our attitude towards it, to be published blog-by-blog in irregular instalments PREFACE  PROMETHEUS AND ICARUS – A TALE OF TWO GREEK HEROES Biology is my thing. I’ve been engaged with it for more than 70 years. It’s what I focused on at school and in my cold … Read more

Why are governments so bad?

Colin Tudge suggests that the reasons lie partly in our biology, partly in logistics — and partly in present-day, siloed education To the standard list of global disasters – global warming, mass extinction, famine, war, poverty, inequality, and general nastiness and injustice – we should surely add “bad governance”. For all of the most obvious … Read more

Can organic farming feed the world?

It’s too early to tell, says colin tudge. BUT we ought to give it our best shot On a recent Farming Today This Week on Radio 4 a Shropshire farmer who among other things grows wheat, declared that organic farming is “never going to feed the world”. And this view is clearly shared by many … Read more

Morality, reality, and policy

Economic strategies worldwide take precious little account of the world’s real problems, says Colin Tudge  Even at this late hour, we (humanity) might still realistically hope to prevent the world’s final descent from catastrophe into meltdown – provided we took the real problems seriously enough and really were prepared to do, in Rishi Sunak’s bulldog … Read more

Only a people-led cross- board renaissance can save us now

An attempt to summarize 50 years or so of contemplation in one 20-minute narrative on what we need to do, and can do, to pull humanity and the world back from the brink of oblivion. By Colin Tudge The world is in a dreadful mess – who can doubt this? — but it doesn’t need … Read more

Agroecology, food sovereignty and the absolute need for economic democracy

This blog is from a guest contributor, Professor Michel Pimbert of Coventry University — on the corporate takeover of the world’s farming and hence of our food supply, which is increasingly abetted and ratified by governments like ours and even these days by the United Nations. This power-shift is seriously undermining the principles of Agroecology … Read more

No new thing under the sun

This article is intended to show how the world’s great literature has tackled the problems of food and farming these past 3000 years. AlThough agriculture and the world in general have changed beyond recognition, the most fundamental problems – of politics, the economy, and above all of mindset — are the same as ever. Every … Read more

The greatest mistake of modern humanity

The economic theory that now prevails worldwide – the capitalist offshoot known colloquially as “neoliberalism” – is killing us all, says Colin Tudge Human history to a great extent is a saga of heroism and endeavour and imagination and self-sacrifice and a search for truth but it’s also a saga of huge mistakes, and of … Read more

Webinar no. 2: The absolute importance of peas and beans

Colin Tudge talks to JOSIAH MELDRUM and NICK SALTMARSH, co-founders of HODMEDODS, and arch developers and promoteRS of pulses. Pulses have long been key players in agriculture and the human diet and in almost all the world’s cuisines – fixing nitrogen, rich in protein, and the basis of some of the world’s most popular and … Read more

Of HS2 and GMOs

Not harbingers of progress, says Colin Tudge, but symptoms of folly. Why do we continue to make the same mistakes?  Rishi Sunak has been desperately trying to explain to a bewildered nation and his own party and perhaps to himself why HS2 was a brilliant initiative when the government of which he was a part … Read more