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Farmer Starmer


The Labour Leader has shown some encouraging interest in farming of late. But, says Colin Tudge, none of the mainstream parties in the UK takes agriculture seriously enough and none has an agricultural strategy that comes close to meeting our own and the world’s real needs  It was good to see Keir Starmer interviewed in … Read more

From story book to cloud cuckoo land one easy step


George Monbiot’s plan for a world without agriculture is misguided, says Colin Tudge  George Monbiot has a three-point plan to feed us all well and look after the wildlife and generally solve all the world’s problems — a somewhat unlikely amalgam of veganism, re-wilding, and high tech, producing ersatz meat from microbes raised in “compact … Read more

A step not far enough


Colin Tudge on a new report from Green Alliance on the future of UK farming.