Colin Tudge’s Great Re‑Think

This website is intended to identify and develop the ideas needed to rescue humanity and our fellow creatures from what is now the brink of total disaster — for if only we did conceptually simple things well then we and our fellow creatures could still be looking forward to a long and glorious future: the next million years for starters.

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Onward the Greens! 


Colin Tudge predicts big political re-alliances over the next few years – with a growing army of Greens  All political parties are coalitions. As someone once remarked re the Church of England, no two people sharing a pew think exactly the same, and this is abundantly true too of politicians sharing a bench. But some … Read more

A new bottom line


— and a glimmer of hope. By Colin Tudge Keir Starmer promises change – but the change he is promising is of a very limited kind. Whatever form it takes it will be within the present “neoliberal” economic paradigm: an all-against-all competition with the world at large to increase material wealth, known as “growth”. Within … Read more

Relaxed Summer Entertaining: Anyone for a Picky Tea?


A Picky Tea is, apparently, the latest fashion for relaxed summer entertaining. How you feel about this might show your age!

Life is a master class in cooperativeness


Competition, beyond doubt, is a fact of life. But, says Colin Tudge, the essence of life is cooperation  It almost goes without saying that individuals gain from living in societies, and that all creatures depend to a greater or lesser extent on others of their own kind. Children need their parents. Vultures scavenge more effectively … Read more

The Big Idea

The Big Idea is divided into the following chapters: 

The pic — of me (CT) among some of John Letts’ Heritage wheat in Buckinghamshire — encapsulates some of the prime themes of The Great Re-Think. For John raises genetically diverse cereals on soils of low fertility year-on-year: no fertilizer, no pesticide, no herbicide, no digging, no fallow, and all wonderfully wildlife-friendly: key principles of agroecology applied to arable. All this is the complete opposite of the modern, industrial trend — monocultures of uniform crops chemicalized to the hilt. To rescue the world at this late hour we need to apply such radical thinking to all aspects of life.

Colin Tudge among some of John Letts’s Heritage wheat in Buckinghamshire

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