A webinar with ANN PETTIFOR


One of the few people in the world who really understand the global economy

We’re launching a new series of webinars and podcasts with thinkers and doers who really are helping to change the world for the better. We’re focused on Enlightened Agriculture (aka Real Farming) – what it is and why it must become the global norm. But also – essentially – we’re looking at everything we need to get right in order to prepare the ground for Enlightened Agriculture. “Everything” really does mean everything: the economy, politics, the law, science, morality, and metaphysics, the essential discipline that underpins all serious thought but, alas, has largely gone missing. 

We’ve been privileged to kick off the series with an interview with ANN PETTIFOR, who is director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME) and makes a special study of the global economy. It’s the global economy rather than the short-term manoeuvrings of governments that in the end shapes all our lives and largely decides the fate of the planet – and as Ann describes it the global economy as it stands now falls far short of what humanity and the Earth really need, without compassion and with little or no ecological awareness. But, she says, the global economy can change rapidly and radically – as indeed has happened twice in recent memory. 

Ann is an internationally recognized economist who advises governments. She is also a prolific writer and in this interview we’re focused on her latest book, The Case for the Green New Deal (Verso, 2019). This broadcast is essential viewing (and/or listening) – not least for Chancellors of the Exchequer. 

Please tune in too to the series of five conversations which we recorded earlier this year between me (CT) and Ian Rappel, director of our College for Real Farming and Food Culture, called REAL FARMING, GOOD FOOD, AND A CROSS-THE-BOARD GLOBAL RENAISSANCE. The five together introduce all the main ideas that lie behind Enlightened Agriculture (and this website) – and between them I reckon they could form the basis for an entire course, at all levels from school to post-grad. 

These webinars/podcasts can be found under “VIDEOS”. 

We are very grateful to Brett Price who filmed and recorded all of the above. 

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