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  • Anchovies

    Continuing the subject of Not Much Meat, Suzanne considers little things that punch way above their weight in terms of flavour.

  • Follow-on Dishes

    Follow-on dishes are rooted in the frugal habits of peasant cookery and frequently use less meat than the original dish. They should be part of the natural rhythm of cooking.

  • The Unintended Consequences of Eating Less Meat.

    Against a barrage of calls to cut our meat consumption I believe there have been some unintended consequences that work against most people’s desire to eat more responsibly.

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  • The road to renaissance

    Nothing short of a cross-the-board transformation – Renaissance — is needed to rescue the world from its present decline. But, says Colin Tudge, we first need to lay the foundations.

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  • Four great thinkers whose ideas could save the world

    Colin Tudge nominates four 20th century prophets who between them said most of what we need to know to put the world to rights. But the powers-that-be have their own agendas.

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  • GUEST EDITORIAL by Professor Tim Gorringe: The Christian attitude to nature

    Christian theologian Tim Gorringe argues that “To trash or seek to dominate this Creation is not simply unethical but is ‘the most horrid blasphemy’” In his recent blog “Fellow Creatures” Colin Tudge suggests that the traditional Christian attitude to the natural world is inadequate, not to say flawed. Christians, he says, take their lead from…

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  • Labour, the Tories, and the natural world 

    Neither of the leading political parties in Britain has proper respect for the natural world, or anything like. Indeed, says Colin Tudge, both are a million miles from what’s needed   The first thing we should ask of any political party and would-be government is that it should state its Goal.  What are they –…

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  • Why won’t the powers that be tax the rich?

    Britain and the world could solve all its financial programmes overnight if only we introduced a more egalitarian economy. So why, asks Colin Tudge, won’t any major political party do what’s obvious, or even take the idea seriously?  The Tories and Labour alike both emphasize the need for economic growth. Or indeed as Liz Truss…

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  • Real Bread Is On The Rise

    Declines and resurgences in foods tend to reoccur in cycles as can be observed with bread, which Suzanne think is currently on the up.

  • A people-led renaissance needs people-centred spaces

    To create the kind of world that could keep humanity and our fellow creatures in good heart we need radical thinking and new ideas. But first, says Jane Powell,  we need to create the conditions — the “space” —  in which the necessary thinking can take place  Discussions of food and farming in progressive circles…