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  • The essential ingredients of the Global Renaissance

    A checklist of the six very big ideas that we need to develop and act upon if we are to save ourselves and the rest of the world from what at the moment looks like an inevitable meltdown.  These notes are meant to accompany the new videos – the five conversations on “Real farming, good…

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  • Hospitality

    Barbequing is the one form of entertaining that seems to be growing in popularity rather than declining. Hospitality seems to come less naturally to us than the Greeks. But can you learn to be a good host?

  • The philosophy of technology

    Phil of Tech asks what technology is: what it is for; and – as ever – who should be in control of it, and who or what is affected by it. We need to ask indeed, as E F Schumacher did in Small is Beautiful in the early 1970s, what technology is appropriate. As always,…

  • From story book to cloud cuckoo land one easy step

    George Monbiot’s plan for a world without agriculture is misguided, says Colin Tudge  George Monbiot has a three-point plan to feed us all well and look after the wildlife and generally solve all the world’s problems — a somewhat unlikely amalgam of veganism, re-wilding, and high tech, producing ersatz meat from microbes raised in “compact…

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  • Maximum Variety

    “Plenty of Plants, Not Much Meat, and Maximum Variety” is Colin’s maxim for a healthy diet. What does Maximum Variety look like and why does it matter?

  • Is politics more than a distraction?

    Asks Colin tudge May 6: A good day for the Lib Dems and the Greens in the local elections yesterday. Not bad though less than decisive for Labour. A bad day for the Tories, though not as bad as they deserve. After Cameron the spiv, May the interregnum, Boris the malignant clown, Truss the star…

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  • Never mind the evidence – feel the ideology!

    It’s not economic “growth” that matters, says Colin Tudge. It’s equality  Lest we thought the madness of Trussonomics had disappeared with her own assisted abdication a senior Tory MP popped up on Channel 4 News to tell us once more (a) that the only way to solve Britain’s mounting problems is by economic growth, apparently…

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  • The importance of being idle

    In a brief but brilliant soap-box speech (albeit delivered from a Paris balcony), and in the midst of on-going strikes, Jean-Luc Melenchon** argued that the present-day economy and the politics and mindset behind them are, quite simply, mad. We are all of us obliged to work harder and harder in effect to stay in the…

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  • Should we all turn vegetarian?

    Perhaps in a perfect world we should all be vegetarian – or indeed vegan. But, says Colin Tudge, this isn’t a perfect world and a low-meat diet served by agroecological farming is probably the best that we should aim for  Rumour has it that Oxford City Council, following the County Council’s lead of two years…

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  • Easter Spices

    Our homogenized food distribution network shows no respect for our food culture or regional specialities. Throw out your mixed spice and flavour your Easter baking with care.