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  • Should we all turn vegetarian?

    Perhaps in a perfect world we should all be vegetarian – or indeed vegan. But, says Colin Tudge, this isn’t a perfect world and a low-meat diet served by agroecological farming is probably the best that we should aim for  Rumour has it that Oxford City Council, following the County Council’s lead of two years…

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  • Easter Spices

    Our homogenized food distribution network shows no respect for our food culture or regional specialities. Throw out your mixed spice and flavour your Easter baking with care.

  • The world beneath our feet

    Colin Tudge reflects upon Bruce Ball’s latest book, Healing Soil Truly the things we take for granted – like the Earth, and indeed life — are the most wondrous. Nothing is more taken for granted — and routinely abused — than soil; and yet, as Bruce Ball illustrates in his latest book, Healing Soil, the…

  • The absolute importance of “Cryptonutrients” and why “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”

    The following – based on a on a lecture I gave in 1999 at the Royal Society no less – is an example of a “paradigm shift”: one that is now taking the science of nutrition into the realms of microbiology and evolutionary biology.

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  • Who are the real friends of science?

    Science is indeed wondrous but it has limitations – which, as Sir Paul Nurse demonstrated in a popular and doubtless influential article published in 2021, are not always recognized by some of its most adept practitioners.

  • What will be the message of British Science Week?

    British Science Week is celebrating science – which indeed we ought to do. But, says Colin Tudge, we must discuss the caveats too.

  • Rotten Tomatoes

    The parlous state of the British food system was laid bare for all to see, or rather not see, from the empty shelves in supermarkets this February. The loudest complaint concerned lack of tomatoes, but other salad ingredients such as cucumbers and peppers were absent. Why were people expecting to find these things in February?

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  • Does nature have rights?

    We certainly should behave as if does, says Colin Tudge There are loads of laws around the world including Britain to protect various components of the natural world and this of course is good – but the existing laws are almost entirely for our own, human benefit. The law in general regards our fellow creatures…

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  • 50 Years of British Fish

    When the UK joined the European Common Market in 1973, the UK’s fishing fleet was vast, and supported numerous coastal towns and cities. During our time in the European Union the size of our fishing fleet dwindled to almost nothing and yet it became a focal point of the Brexit debate. Despite being an island…

  • A step not far enough

    Colin Tudge on a new report from Green Alliance on the future of UK farming.

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