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  • What role could wild food play in feeding our nation? (Feedback from ORFC)

    This was the discussion that took place during the Oxford Real Farming Conference when a panel, consisting of myself, Mo Wilde and Lynn Cassells, responded to questions posed by Dan Saladino, After an hour, we had barely begun to scratch the surface and a further half hour of questions from the attendees highlighted some other…

  • Idiots and Gangsters

    And why in particular is the world’s agriculture so off-beam?

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  • Of billionaires and bombs

    Extreme wealth is potentially as dangerous as any weapons of war, says Colin Tudge. So why are we so relaxed about it?

  • What role could wild food play in feeding our nation?

    On a scale of 0-10, how do you rate as a hunter-gatherer? Foraging is enjoying a period of popularity at the moment, but when considering the potential scope that wild food could play within our diets, ask yourself whether in 2022, a mast year for acorns, you ground them to make flour? No – me…

  • Finding your rhythm

    Cooking becomes much easier when you find your rhythm.  Your life might be quite different to mine, so you will need to work out how you can apply Grandmother’s Cooking principals to meet your own needs.  Let me tell you more about the rhythms that work in my kitchen.

  • Bring back metaphysics, or: The art of the unknowable

    The “ultimate questions”  Metaphysics asks what many have called “the ultimate questions” – which sounds pretty impressive, and is. But although these metaphysical questions are clearly so important and ever-present, and indeed are at the root and at the heart of all bona fide religions, metaphysics as an independent discipline has largely gone missing. And…

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  • Green Economic Democracy: in place of “isms”

    A (fairly long) shopping list of what seem to be promising ideas.

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  • It’s a huge mistake to treat economists as gurus

    Economists are wont to cluster in think tanks and pop up on television to explain not only what is wrong with the economy but what is wrong with the world in general. In other words, because they are good at what they do and are wont to dazzle us with jargon and acronyms and mathematical…

  • Algorithms, ideologies, and principles

    The belief that economics can be a science has led many an economist to search for the economic equivalent of E=Mc2 or the elusive Grand Unified Theory; a search for huge if not quite all-embracing truths that can be expressed as mathematical algorithms or, more simply, as slogans. Examples include Karl Marx’s “the workers must…

  • Economics is not and cannot be a science – and science is not the royal road to truth

    As the Cambridge economist Joan Robinson (1903-1983) put the matter in 1962 in Economic Philosophy:  “All along [economics] has been striving to escape from sentiment and to win for itself the status of a science … [but] … lacking the experimental method, economists are not strictly enough compelled to reduce metaphysical concepts to falsifiable terms…