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  • What will be the message of British Science Week?

    British Science Week is celebrating science – which indeed we ought to do. But, says Colin Tudge, we must discuss the caveats too.

  • Rotten Tomatoes

    The parlous state of the British food system was laid bare for all to see, or rather not see, from the empty shelves in supermarkets this February. The loudest complaint concerned lack of tomatoes, but other salad ingredients such as cucumbers and peppers were absent. Why were people expecting to find these things in February?

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  • Does nature have rights?

    We certainly should behave as if does, says Colin Tudge There are loads of laws around the world including Britain to protect various components of the natural world and this of course is good – but the existing laws are almost entirely for our own, human benefit. The law in general regards our fellow creatures…

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  • 50 Years of British Fish

    When the UK joined the European Common Market in 1973, the UK’s fishing fleet was vast, and supported numerous coastal towns and cities. During our time in the European Union the size of our fishing fleet dwindled to almost nothing and yet it became a focal point of the Brexit debate. Despite being an island…

  • A step not far enough

    Colin Tudge on a new report from Green Alliance on the future of UK farming.

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  • What role could wild food play in feeding our nation? (Feedback from ORFC)

    This was the discussion that took place during the Oxford Real Farming Conference when a panel, consisting of myself, Mo Wilde and Lynn Cassells, responded to questions posed by Dan Saladino, After an hour, we had barely begun to scratch the surface and a further half hour of questions from the attendees highlighted some other…

  • Idiots and Gangsters

    And why in particular is the world’s agriculture so off-beam?

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  • Of billionaires and bombs

    Extreme wealth is potentially as dangerous as any weapons of war, says Colin Tudge. So why are we so relaxed about it?

  • What role could wild food play in feeding our nation?

    On a scale of 0-10, how do you rate as a hunter-gatherer? Foraging is enjoying a period of popularity at the moment, but when considering the potential scope that wild food could play within our diets, ask yourself whether in 2022, a mast year for acorns, you ground them to make flour? No – me…

  • Finding your rhythm

    Cooking becomes much easier when you find your rhythm.  Your life might be quite different to mine, so you will need to work out how you can apply Grandmother’s Cooking principals to meet your own needs.  Let me tell you more about the rhythms that work in my kitchen.